Data Driven Marketing Agency

We help startups acquire more customers and grow their business with data.

We’re problem solvers

Marketing campaigns that don’t drive results. Analytics that don’t track the metrics you need. Reports that constantly break. Marketing automation that doesn’t make your life easier. Sound familiar?

We work with our clients to create bulletproof growth marketing programs, set up their marketing tech stack, get data driven and leverage their analytics to improve their businesses. Here’s a partial list of our services:

Analytics & Marketing Tech

We help troubleshoot and audit your current website, and build future-proof analytics that report on the things you actually care about. Because without useful reports, you’re stuck making business decisions with only part of the picture.

Measurement PlanningAnalytics Setup and Customisation 
Tag Management DashboardsCRM Setup and Customisation Audience Segmentation 
NPS & Sentiment Analysis  Data Warehousing Predictive Analytics

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Digital Marketing Campaigns

If you don’t have a systematic approach to designing, testing, and measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, you’re wasting your time.

We can work with you to build a data-driven growth marketing program that can scale with your business. We can also setup a dynamic campaign dashboard so you can track your performance in one place.

Growth Marketing Strategy Paid Search / Social Ads Remarketing
B2B Lead Generation Online Store Marketing Mobile App Advertising

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Customer Experience Optimisation

If the people and systems you rely on don’t talk to each other, you’re missing a big opportunity. We can work with your sales, marketing, and customer service so you can deliver a superior customer experience.

ResearchCustomer Journey MappingHypothesis GenerationA/B Testing and Experiment Design
Hypothesis GenerationPersonalisationAnalysis and Knowledge Sharing

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For an unbiased assessment of how your current marketing programs contribute to your bottom line, request a personalised Growth Audit today.

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“Every business needs an online business strategy. We could not do this in-house due to the complex, vast and ever changing nature of this space. We were looking for a partner type relationship, someone who would almost embed themselves in our business so to get a real understanding of what we do. We have found this partnership through Yalcin and his Team at Growth Analytics Marketing.”
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How can we help?

We work with entrepreneurs at every stage of the startup cycle.

Faster Product Validation for Startup Founders

We’ll work with you to create an analytical framework that accurately measures growth, helps you acquire more users, identifies pain points, and improves your customer experience.

Scaling Marketing Efforts

We’ll help you execute your strategy across multiple channels. Plus, we’ll optimise your paid campaigns, increase conversion rates, improve data integration, and setup best-in-class reporting.

Analytics Expertise for Marketing Agencies

We’ll help you setup a holistic marketing technology stack, provide in-depth reporting and analytics, and give you the technical assistance you need to deliver value to your clients.

Our operating principles

Personalised approach

We don’t do cookie-cutter services. We will take time to understand your business and support your business where needed.

Data-driven process

Accurate data is the key to making informed business decisions. We will setup the analytical foundations and build our strategy on top of that.

Results focussed

At the end of the day, it’s all about the bottom line. We work relentlessly to find ways to grow your business, day in and day out.


We have a pretty high success rate, but not everything we touch turns into gold. If something isn’t working well, we are the first ones to call it out and shift gears.


Growth marketing is a team sport. We know how to work with businesses effectively and can accommodate different working styles to get things done.

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