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Make better business decisions and measure progress with data you can trust.

How can we help?

Measurement planning

Knowing what to measure can be a challenge. The good news? In our 15 years of combined experience, we’ve solved a range of analytics-related challenges for online businesses including marketing attribution, user funnels, subscription revenue, and more.

Analytics setup and customisation

We’ll get you up and running with whichever analytics tool you choose. Setting up basic analytics is easy but to get business value out of your analytics tool, custom configuration is often necessary.

Tag management

Using a tag management solution, you can increase the precision of your marketing analytics, centralise your tracking, and reduce your reliance on programmers.

Campaign dashboards

Measure business performance against your goals and objectives clearly with a custom dashboard. With better digital insights,, you can make better business decisions.


We’ll help you setup, customise, and enrich your CRM. We’ll make sure it’s integrated with your other platforms and merge third-party data from other sources with your first-party customer data.

Audience segmentation

Do you know who your best customers? Where they get their information or how they search for new solutions to their problems? We can help you learn more about your audience so you can better serve them.

NPS & customer sentiment analysis

We can help you measure how your customers feel about your business via on-site surveys, customer support analysis, and social media feedback.

Data warehousing and integrations

The first step for any modern analytics endeavour is building a data warehouse. We’ll help you select and implement your data warehouse and ETL technologies, configure them, and optimise the performance of your environment.

Analytics development cycle

Measure the progress of your strategic business initiatives with data you can trust.

image/svg+xml DataAnalysis &Insights IdentifyBusinessGoals DetermineKPIs AuditAnalyticsSetup ImplementTracking BuildReporting

It all begins with a focus on you

Our proprietary Analytics Development Cycle is a flexible framework we developed to help you establish a programmatic approach to analyzing your business objectives and progress toward success.

It all begins with a deep dive into your business objectives and what you hope to achieve. We’ll document your current strategy, determine relevant KPIs, setup the backend, and ensure you have everything you need to get actionable reports.

Establish KPIs

We’ll work with you to determine the right KPIs needed to meaningfully measure progress and ensure our goals are aligned.

Analytics audit

We’ll review the existing analytics implementation to see what you already have and what might be missing.

Implement tracking

We’ll work with your team to setup custom analytics tracking based on your business needs.

Build reporting infrastructure

We’ll provide you with data visualisation tools and custom dashboards so you can easily measure the progress of your strategic and business initiatives.

Data analysis & insights

We can provide ongoing or ad-hoc support to help your team make the most out of your business data.

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The team at Growth Analytics Marketing was extremely helpful in gaining an understanding of our unique business needs. They helped translate our requirements into a working analytics solution in an efficient and timely manner, at a fair price.
Tom Beyer, GiveaLittle