Customer Experience Research

Deliver a better experience and outperform your competition by 5 times* with the right customer experience strategy. Use data and voice of customer to define where and how to improve your website.

*Forester Research - Why CX Why now?

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We’ll review your analytics trends, review your website, and survey your customers to find out where your current customer experience strategy is working and where you have room for improvements.

Customer journey mapping

We’ll work with you to create an empathetic 360º view of your customers. We’ll deliver useful segments, map out the typical customer journey, identify their pain points, and show you opportunities for optimisation.

Hypothesis generation

Once we establish a thorough understanding of your website and its users, we’ll develop a hypothesis for future optimisations so we can work together to improve your outcomes.

A/B testing and experiment design

In order to measure the true impact of your optimisations, we’ll create and implement scientific tests to run on every customer touch point.


Increase your retention and customer lifetime value with tailored marketing communications that reach each of your customers at scale.

Analysis and sharing knowledge

A key part of the process is evaluating and reporting on the results of a test. Did the test beat the control? If yes, how can we make it even better? If not, why?

Customer Experience Optimisation Framework

Your customers demand a relevant and easy-to-use experience. And that’s never going to change.

image/svg+xml Understand We'll assess the experienceyou're delivering today by analysing the feedback from customers and the business 1 We'll discover what experience you want to deliver off the back of conversations with your customers and business. Also looking at the market and your competitions Discover 2 Ideate With the identified gap of where you want to be vs where you are, we come up with ideas around the changes to create the desired magical and entertaining experiences 3 We'll then experiment with and test the changes and measure customer reaction to see whichhave the biggest impact on the value we bring to customers and the business Validate 4 Implement With biggest value drivers validated we implement the changes. We make these part of the experience and communicate it to customers and align your team 5 Customers aren't customers if you can't get them to stick around. We'll continue to work with you and ensure that your experiences improve as your customers expectations evolve Retain 6

Your customers demand a relevant and easy-to-use experience. And that’s never going to change.

The consultants at Growth Analytics Marketing helped me get into the mindset of a customer like never before. I recommend them to any business who thinks they know their customer, because they helped us to see beyond our own ideas, and uncover the truth.”
Sharon Brown-Cikos, EasyShed

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