Our Growth Methodology

Step 1: Growth strategy
We’ll work with you to come up with your growth strategy, define your long-term goals, and determine how you’ll measure success.

Step 2: Establish analytics
We’ll build measurement tools required to track web/app activities and the performance of your business and marketing objectives.

Step 3: Marketing optimisation
We’ll analyse your existing marketing activities and identify opportunities to grow them profitably.

Step 4: Customer insights
We’ll take a deep dive into user behavior so we can uncover their intentions and objectives. Then we’ll create an actionable plan to increase your performance.

Step 5: Market intelligence
We’ll monitor your competitors, expert commentators, and customer sentiment expressed on social media and review sites. Then we’ll explore the possibilities for improving your positioning by building on your company’s core strengths.

Step 6: Align messaging
We’ll make sure your prospects are seeing the messages most relevant to them. The key is to identify all the ways your product or solution can help your prospects, and deliver the strategic messaging at the right time in the buying process.

Step 7: Testing strategy
We’ll take all the ideas we generated from the research process and prioritise the big, bold, targeted initiatives that will grow your business in the shortest time.